About The Brand

Saroy is a mid-range streetwear brand inspired by the y2k era. They focus on creating lifestyle clothing that goes beyond just being an outfit; it's a way to express yourself.

Problem Statement

Saroy faces challenges in a crowded y2k streetwear space. They need to differentiate themselves, connect with their audience's desire for self-expression through fashion, and design a user experience that fosters exploration and community around personal style storytelling.


  • Craft a unique brand identity that screams self-expression.

  • Design a platform where users discover their fashion voice.

  • Build a community for sharing style stories.


Brand Direction


Logo Kit




Color Pallete


Brand Direction

Brand Aim

To become the go-to brand for young adults seeking to express themselves boldly through y2k-inspired streetwear. Saroy empowers them to transform everyday life into a canvas for their personal stories. By fostering a vibrant community centered around self-expression and individuality, Saroy goes beyond just selling clothes; they create a movement where fashion becomes a powerful tool for storytelling and connection.

This elaboration expands on the original aim by:

  • Highlighting the target audience (young adults).

  • Emphasizing the boldness of self-expression.

  • Highlighting the transformation of everyday life into a personal canvas.

  • Emphasizing the creation of a community around self-expression.

  • Positioning Saroy as a movement, not just a brand.


Saroy's ultimate goal is likely to become the leading brand (or a top brand) in the y2k-inspired streetwear market for young adults. This could involve achieving specific market share targets, brand recognition, or customer loyalty metrics.


Saroy's mission is to empower self-expression through y2k-inspired streetwear. They aim to go beyond selling clothes and instead provide a platform for young adults to tell their stories and cultivate a community around individuality and personal style.


Logo Kit

The Soroy logo falls under the category of a "wordmark" logo. A wordmark logo prioritizes the brand name itself, using typography to create a distinct visual identity.

Building on the wordmark explanation, the Saroy logo cleverly integrates a symbolic element from the y2k era. While it's primarily a wordmark logo focusing on the brand name in a custom typeface, the star nestled within the text adds a subtle y2k touch. This star symbol likely draws inspiration from the frequent use of stars in y2k design, referencing themes of futurism, celebration, and pop culture. So, it's a wordmark logo with a y2k-inspired twist.

Primary & Secondary Type

“Plateia” is the perfect pick for Saroy's primary typeface. Its bold, geometric letters scream confidence and modernity, aligning perfectly with their message of self-expression. The subtle futuristic vibe nods to y2k inspiration, while remaining timeless. Plateia ensures readability for their young audience and creates a distinct brand identity that will set them apart in the streetwear world.

“Anybody” is a strong choice for Saroy's secondary typeface. Its casual style creates a playful contrast to Plateia's boldness, perfect for highlighting elements and adding a touch of y2k flair. This dynamic duo enhances brand storytelling and caters to their young audience. While "Anybody" might not be ideal for lengthy text, it shines in short bursts, making it a valuable asset to Saroy's branding toolbox.

Color Palette
Color Palette
Color Palette

Brand colors play a pivotal role in shaping a brand's identity, perception, and overall impact in the market. Colors increase brand recognition by up to 80%. A distinct color palette makes a brand more recognizable and memorable to consumers. Colors evoke emotions and feelings. By choosing colors that align with their brand values and the emotions they wish to evoke, brands can create a deeper emotional connection with their audience.

Why These

The blue and white color palette is a perfect choice for Saroy. It exudes trustworthiness while aligning with their message of self-expression. Blue's subtle futuristic vibe nods to y2k inspiration, while white provides a clean canvas for their designs. This combination creates a modern, energetic feel that resonates with their young target audience and perfectly complements the youthful spirit of y2k fashion.